Thursday, 17 August 2017

Welcome Miss Taylor!

This week we welcomed Miss Taylor into our class for a two-week placement. Miss Taylor has been getting involved in our classroom programme, and she has been sharing her passion for soccer! Here she is in action with George at maths time...

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Dancing Fun Times!

This week we welcomed some tutors from "Dances For Schools" to VAS. They have been teaching us each day, just after lunchtime.  Here are some excerpts from a couple of the children's stories about it...

from "Confusing Times" by Charlotte

Arrrr! My whole body was screaming! We were going to get taught how to dance. "I already know how to dance," I muttered quietly. Then we got in! We got ready and were split into girls and boys in six lines. When we were ready and all the year 3's came we started off with hip hop.

It was VERY easy but a teensy eensy bit confusing. Step by step it started to get easier. Then we did it with music...

"The Exciting Dance Class" by Chloe

Hurray! This term all the year 3's are doing Dances For Schools. When I first met the dancing teacher I wondered what they would be like. Nice, kind, strict, or thoughtful?
First we did hip hop. It was really fun. Then when the teacher thought we were doing very well, suddenly boom! The music came on so the teacher said "Everybody let's dance with the music"
After hip hop we did salsa. You go front, tap, and then you put your foot back where you started. This lesson was such fun, I wished we could have a lesson the next day.

"Amazing Dancing" by Sophie

After lunch we have dancing lessons with two guys named Mark and Dean. Dean teaches hip hop and Mark teaches the salsa. We have to do this every day for 2 weeks. Dean has a beard and some glasses and brown hair. But Mark has some black hair.  The first time I saw them I felt chilled like they were. I wondered what sort of steps I could learn next. The first dance we learn is hip hop and the second dance is salsa. 
The hip hop is quite easy but the salsa is quite hard. I have to say it, the boys steps look pretty easy for the salsa.

How much does it hold?

We've had some chilly but fun times outside recently, learning to estimate and measure capacity. We've measured drink bottles and a range of other vessels, and we've practised locating, reading and recording the capacity on the labels of products. Here are some photos of the class in action...

Monday, 3 July 2017

Chinese Class Party!

Here are some scenes from the end-of-term Chinese celebration! A big xiexie to Mr Des Forge for taking them.

Thursday, 22 June 2017


One of our writing prompts this week was "A time I hurt myself". It turned out to be a really accessible and interesting topic to write about! Here are a couple of examples, and the rest will be displayed in the class by the end of next week.

Getting Run Over by a Bike
by Gamu

My sister and I decided to have a race. I was not on a bike and my sister was on a bike. I said, "On your marks, get set, go!" 

I ran down and my sister pedalled as fast as she could. Suddenly, the dog next door barked loudly. I got a surprise and fell down. My sister tried to stop and ran over me.

But I got up, and told my dad the dog scared me and my sister ran over me. My knees were grazed and my hands were scraped. My sister said "Sorry," and I said, "It is ok, the dog really scared me." My dad said "It will dry." It was a very sore experience!

The Walking Dead
by Alannah

I was filled with excitement as I skipped to the playground. I was walking to the playground with my friend Alea. I was in Hong Kong!

When we got to the playground the first thing I wanted to do was go on the monkey bars! A smile spread across my face as I went bar to bar. I didn't hear my friends saying, "You're going too fast!"

Crash! "Ow!" I said as my friend's mum drove me to the hospital. My tears fell like hail. When we got to the hospital they x-rayed my arm. Finally they announced that I broke my arm! They gently put a cast on it and sent me home. Now I know that I have to take my time on the monkey bars. 

Crashing into a Rock
by Jacob

One day I was bike riding. I was at some kind of park with my Grandpa. When I wasn't looking, I crashed into a rock. Bang! Ow! My tummy was hurting. Grandpa laughed, but I felt shocked! Then I picked up my bike and went home.

Dog Bite
by Saku

When I was a baby I was at my Grandma's house. Her dog bit my face! I went to the hospital.

by Kingston

There I was, walking and playing on my dad's phone at the same time. I was going to New World, when Donk! I had just walked into the glass door of New World, like a bird. 

I felt so dizzy from my smash to my head. It had only closed 18 minutes ago. Why didn't we go before? 

I felt so embarrassed. All the staff were laughing at me, even my dad was. My cheeks blushed. I said to myself, "I wish I hadn't played on my dad's phone!"

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

We can do it with our eyes closed!

What do you think these children are doing?

No, I didn't just happen to photograph everyone an introduction to our work on 3D shapes the children are taking turns to hold and describe wooden shapes, using their sense of touch to establish how many sides, corners and faces each shape has. Their partner noted down what they said. 

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Sandwich Time

On Thursday we got busy making sandwiches! First we wrote and published instructions on how to make a sandwich that we like. We brought along the ingredients, then the recipes were swapped and we were assigned someone else's instructions to follow. We got to taste the sandwich they made, plus the one we made, plus a few others...